Mobile selfie trick. Selfie mirror effect trick, so this article of mine today is for you guys because today I am going to tell you the trick of Selfie Photo using which you can take a direct photo from your Front Camera. So let us start our today's article whose name is to get complete information related to selfie photos. Mobile selfie trick. Selfie mirror effect trick.


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Selfie Mirror Effect Trick

As you all know, when we go out of the home to go somewhere, often we take a photo with our mobile front camera, then that photo is taken upside down. For example, if you have any text written around you, then you also see the opposite. That means left to right or right to left. This problem will often happen to all of you, because the reverse photo is saved in almost all mobiles, so why this happens.

So I would like to tell you that this problem is not a problem with the phone but it is a kind of feature that happens inside all mobiles. The name of this feature is Mirror Effects. This is one such feature that is not known to all of us. Due to these features, you see selfie photo vomiting. After taking the photo with the front camera of the mobile, we also see the text in the photo upside down. Just like we see a text by putting it in front of a glass. This kind of problem happens in all of our mobiles.


Now people who are aware of Mirror Effects, then people turn off this setting. But people who are not aware of it, this mirror effect is on in their mobile, due to which the Selfie Photo drawn from the front camera makes them look nauseous. You can also take this setting off and take a selfie photo directly from your mobile. So now let me tell you how you can disable this Selfie Mirror Effect.

Mobile Selfie Trick. Selfie Mirror Effect Trick

If you want to take whatever photo you take with your mobile front camera, then you have to open your mobile camera, after that, you have to open the camera setting. Once the camera's shooting is open, you will see options of Mirror. These options will be yours. You have to turn these options off. After turning off these options, shut down your camera and open it again and take a selfie from your mobile and see that the selfie you have drawn will come straight. So in this way you can also take a selfie photo directly from your mobile.


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