Unwanted Pregnancies Can Be Promoted By Corona: UNFPA

 The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading worldwide, depriving many women of access to family planning and increasing the number of unwanted pregnancies.

A new report released by the UNFPA here today predicts that women will face unplanned pregnancies and be unable to use family planning and will face sexual violence and harmful practices in the coming months.

UNFPA is a body that works on women's sexual and reproductive health. The report found that women and adolescents were at higher risk of COVID-19, limiting their access to health care, not allowing regular check-ups, and placing a heavy burden on the health system as a whole.

The report states, “If the global supply chain is disrupted by COVID-19 to, there may be a significant lack of contraceptives. Gender-based violence can increase when women stay at home. Covid-19 has additional effects on women and adolescents. "

"The epidemic of Covid-19 is causing deep inequality. Millions of women and adolescents are at risk of losing their ability to plan, health, and protect their bodies." Says Natalia Kenelm. The report covers women's reproductive health services. , To protect their rights, to continue, to facilitate the distribution of supplies, and to assist and rescue those in need.

The report projected that 47.7 million women in 11 middle- and low-income countries would be deprived of modern contraceptives.

If the lockout lasts for six months and there are barriers to accessing health care, there could be a million cases of unintended pregnancies and one million cases of sexual violence against women. In addition, if the lockout continues for three months, 200,000 women will be unable to use modern contraceptives and 1 million women will be sexually abused.

Covid-19's response has also hampered efforts to end child marriage. The report estimates that an additional 1.13 billion child marriages will occur by 2020 and 2020. "Those child marriages could have been prevented," the report said. "

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