Nepal Telecom Services Can Be Used During The Time Of Prohibition

  Services Of Nepal Telecom Can Be Used During The Time Of Prohibition: Nepal Telecom has provided information about the services that its customers can easily use even during the time of prohibition. The company provides information on how to use the services provided at home.

Nepal Telecom has provided information about the services

 Services Of Nepal Telecom Can Be Used During The Time Of Prohibition

During the time of the ban, various facilities like recharge services are available for the customers who have to engage in activities like work from home, online classes, and webinars at home. The company says that in the current situation of maintaining physical distance, some services can be provided as a gift to each other.

See how to use Telecom's balance transfer, recharge, and gift packages

1. Balance Transfer -

From the 'Valence Transfer' option available in the Nepal Telecom app, the balance can be transferred as per the instructions given there. Prepaid mobile users can also transfer balance by dialing * 422 * Security Code * Mobile Number * Rupees #. To get the security code, you can send an SMS to 1415 by typing SCODE from your mobile. Here you have to mention the mobile number to which the balance is to be transferred and then the amount you want to send (in rupees). In this process, the balance in the prepaid mobile can be transferred to both prepaid or postpaid.

2. Use of Recharge Card -

You can dial * 412 * pin number # to recharge your mobile using the recharge card available in the market. Similarly, if you need to recharge on other mobiles or other services of Nepal Telecom, you have to dial * 412 # and follow the instructions given there.

3. Gift Packages -

Nepal Telecom's affordable voice and data services can also be provided as a gift to relatives or friends. Under this, voice or data service can be provided as a gift for a certain day. To provide a gift through the Nepal Telecom app, you have to click on the 'Gift Packages' in it. Look at the list of different rates of data and voice packages, go to the app labeled 'Data', decide how many MB of data to give as a gift, and click 'Subscribe' to the mobile number you want to give as a gift and click 'OK'. Similarly, a voice package gift can be given by clicking 'Voice'.

NTC Service Can Be Used During The Time Of Prohibition

Similarly, the selected packages can also be given as gifts to friends and relatives by visiting When giving a gift in this way, the balance amount is deducted from the mobile of the person giving the gift.

4. Mobile Banking -

Currently, most banks have provided mobile banking services. You can top up and transfer the balance to any number from mobile banking.

5. Online Recharge -

If you need to send a balance to a relative or friend's number from a recharge card purchased in the market, you can use the online recharge portal available on the site of Nepal Telecom. This requires a PIN number, serial number, and mobile number to be recharged. The link should be used for this. You can also use your MasterCard, ATM card, Visa, and UnionPay cards to recharge and pay bills on your or your relative's mobile.

6. Use of various digital wallets -

You can recharge your or your relative's mobile using various apps even from Nepal or outside Nepal. E-services, wallets, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, and other digital wallets prevalent in Nepal are examples of this. The practice of recharging the mobile phones of relatives in Nepal using various digital wallets is on the rise.

7. Empos Pinless Recharge -

Service providers specified by Nepal Telecom (such as stationery shops) also have the facility to transfer the balance amount directly to the customer's mobile. Once you have provided the mobile number you want to deposit the balance amount, the service provider can provide the amount directly to the same number.

8. Use of Self Care -

This service can be used by logging on to the Self Care Account section on the Nepal Telecom website. To use a self-care account, you must first register. After clicking on the register button and updating the details given there, various services of the company can be used. You can also recharge, transfer balance, and purchase packages through various services through Self Care. It is also possible to give package gifts to relatives or friends, get information about various packages you have bought and get information about the balance available on your mobile.

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