Why Did Graham Bell Say Hello, Why Did We Say Hello On Phone Call

 May 17 is World Telecommunication Day. Today we may be surprised to learn that the telephone and telegraph were once used in a very unique way. But the fact that such inventions have made it very easy to exchange news and messages in Leviticus is something that everyone should consider.

How did the 'HELLO' word start using on phone or mobile

How did the 'HELLO' word start using one phone or mobile

Why Did Graham Bell Say Hello, Why Did We Say Hello On Phone Call

Today is World Telecommunication Day. This day is celebrated on 17th May every year. In the 19th century, when the first message was sent from one place to another through telephone, telegraph machines, the first bell rang.

At present, the world has come a long way in the field of telecommunications. But it would be interesting to explore the history of how the word hello, used in the telephone, originated.

There are many stories about when and where the word was first used and what it means. But no story has been able to provide strong evidence. Here are the stories:

Did Graham Bell use it to call his girlfriend?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone on June 2, 1875, but he had to work hard to get the patent. On March 7, 1876, he was granted a patent for the telephone.

Now when we talk on the telephone or mobile, the first thing we say is hello. It is said that Graham Bell first called his girlfriend Margaret Hello and said the word hello to her.

How did the 'HELLO' word start using on phone or mobile

The telephone was born because the mother was upset

Graham Bell graduated at the age of 13. After this, at the age of 16, he became famous as a famous musician. Belkin's mother had a problem with her ears and she could hardly hear. He was always worried about how to solve this problem with his mother.

That's why he wanted to make a device for his mother and deaf people like him with the help of acoustics.

He was the first to develop such a device and in the process of researching it, he was finally able to build a multi-purpose telephone for everyone.

He also invented the photo tone

Like Graham Bell's mother, his wife had hearing problems. That's why Bell developed a device called photo tone after the telephone. This device helped to transmit sound from one place to another through the rays of light. But people were not really attracted to this device. However, the optical fiber we use today is based on Graham Bell's theory.

Graham Bell never said hello on the phone

There is an interesting story about the custom of saying hello when starting a conversation on the telephone. Belgie's girlfriend's name is Margaret Hello, so when Belle starts talking on the phone, it's the first time she's said hello. But this story is said to be untrue because there is no official proof of this.

Bell also married his girlfriend, Mabel Gardiner Hubbard. They were married in 1877.

According to American Telegraph and Telephone Company documents, Graham Bell never used the word hello.

Instead, he told his colleague for the first time on the phone, "Come here, I want to see you." Instead, he is said to have used the word "aho" when talking on the phone.

Hello, Thomas Alba Edison said hello by mistake

Since there is little evidence that Bell started the word hello, it is natural to wonder who started it. When you first start talking on the phone, are you there or are you ready to talk? There is also a belief that

Thomas Alba Edison, an American scientist, did not like long words when looking at documents from the American Telegraph and Telephone Company. So there are many who say that he used the word hello by mistake when he was talking on the phone for the first time. It is said that this word has come into vogue since then.

He wrote a letter to TBA Smith, chairman of the Central District and Printing Telegraph Company of Pittsburgh, in 1877, saying that the first thing to say was "hello." Then, from 1880, the word hello came into vogue.

Frederick Perry Fish, president of AT&T, said in 1907 that the custom of saying hello over the phone should be credited to Edison.

Hello means 'what is it?'

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word hello comes from the old German word Hala, hola, which was used by fishermen. What does this word mean? Or are you there Or are you listening Comes to be

Fishermen are said to have used the word ahoy or hoy at night to communicate with each other or to exchange information.

How did the 'HELLO' word start using on phone or mobile

How did the 'HELLO' word start using one phone or mobile?

The word hello was first used in 1827. It comes from the old French or German word hola / ola and what does it mean? Some even say that it will happen.

It is said that the word hello was used in the 1830s to attract people's attention. The word is said to have been used in writing in 1833.

It is said to have been placed in the Noah Webster's Dictionary that year and has been in public use since the 1960s.

But no matter what the history of who started it, most people in the world today don't hesitate to say hello when talking on a mobile phone or telephone.

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