Immunity Power How To Increase ?

 In the last week of April, the Department of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine under the Ministry of Health and Population issued a notice in the public interest calling for increasing the resistance to regular consumption of herbs.

Immunity Power How To Increase?

In the absence of reliable vaccines and medications for corona, the department requested regular intake of herbs with a list of herbs with "antibacterial" and "antiviral" properties to strengthen the body's immune system. The herbs included gurjo, turmeric, sutho, chili, cinnamon and pipla, asuro, basil, and bay leaves.

The Ministry of Health, in consultation with physicians and experts with long experience in the field of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine, has developed a protocol on how to fight corona and develop immunity. The protocol has been approved by Health and Population Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal in May.

The department has also issued a circular to the Ministry of Social Development, Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda Health Center, Ayurveda Dispensary, and all state health service offices emphasizing the implementation of the protocol. The Ministry of Social Development of Bagmati Pradesh has directed the two zonal Ayurveda dispensaries and 11 district Ayurveda health centers to implement this protocol.

Increase Immunity Power

The protocol says that the body's immune system can be enhanced through Ayurvedic medicine, diet, yoga, meditation, and physical exercise. Doctors also say that traditional spices used daily in the kitchen can also increase immunity. In Nepal, various types of Ayurvedic medicines have been given to people with covid infection to increase their immunity.

Outgoing Executive Director of Tribhuvan University, Ayurveda Teaching Hospital, Kirtipur, Prof. Dr. DB Roka says that the main medicine for prevention has not been found but the infection can be reduced to some extent by using Ayurveda and alternative medicine. He said that many medicines are being used in Ayurveda to help control the epidemic.

During an epidemic, it is important for not only the infected but also the healthy person to keep themselves physically and mentally strong. Suggesting daily exercise, consuming nutritious food and herbal food to keep the body healthy, and increasing immunity, he said that mental health can be achieved by practicing yoga and meditation.

The government has lined up Nepali and foreign nationals from other regions to prevent the spread of corona infection at the community level. Infected people are also isolated so that the infection does not spread to other people. As long as there is a worldwide practice of keeping in isolation for 14 days, in some cases, the infected should be kept in isolation for more than two weeks.

Immunity Power

“People’s stress-resistant ability is further reduced due to mental stress while living in quarantine and isolation,” said Prof. Roka. It is important to use the type of stress medication described. "

He said that mental health can be maintained by using medicines like Mandukpani, Brahmi, Shankhapuspi, Jyotishamati, Bojo, Jatmasi, Ashwagandha, etc. Gurjo Gil Giloi, Kapikakshu, Bhuiyanmala, Basa, Haritaki You should take organic and nutritious food as well as medicines like Musli, Shilajit, and Niramsi, ”he said.

He suggested nuts, pulses, greens, vegetables, milk, and natural vitamin Chavanprash foods that are more naturally available than junk food. Prado Roka, who was also a member of the expert team that drafted the protocol, said, "Some of the things written in the Vedas seem scientific and practical. On this basis, why not use the medicines and medical methods written in the Ayurveda text? "

Ayurveda experts have said that daily use of spices like Timur, Chilli, Garlic, Onion, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Jwano, Jimmu, Coriander, Cumin in the kitchen will increase the chances of disease prevention to some extent. Turmeric acts as an antiseptic and antitoxin. It is also described in Atharveda and Ayurveda.

He suggested that not only people living in isolation but also the general public should follow a natural diet and daily meditation and yoga practice to stay physically and mentally healthy. He advised to post-yoga including Surya Namaskar, Garudashan, Bhujangsan, Tadashan, Chaturanga Dandashan, and Adhomukh Shwanash He said that resistance can be increased by doing bhastrika, anulomavilom, bhramari, and kalpabhati pranayama.

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