Face Mask Detect Covid-19

 Detect Covid-19 inhaled through a biosensor face mask. Covid 19 has forced the world to move in the opposite direction. Vaccination campaigns have gained momentum in many countries, but in some countries, including Nepal, the threat of a third wave is greater.

Face Mask Detect Covid-19

Face Mask Detect Covid-19

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Voice Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has developed a wearable biosensor technology that can detect Covid-19 through your breath through a face mask.

The study, "Wearable Materials with Embedded Synthetic Biology Sensors for Biomolecules," was recently published in the journal Nature Biotechnology. These wearable biosensors are installed on a standard KN95 face mask and will attempt to identify whether the virus is in the person's breath. And it will be fast too.

According to researchers, you can activate the sensor with a single button, and the readout stripe reflects results within 90 minutes. Not only that, but its purity level is similar to the standard PCR covid test, they said.

Peter Neuquen, a research scientist and co-author of the study at the Voice Institute, said:

According to the researchers, ‘the team is looking for partners to help build it who can produce these masks in large numbers so that they will be available during epidemics.

Simultaneous ransomware attacks on more than 200 businesses in the United States

According to a cybersecurity firm, about 200 U.S. businesses have been affected by massive ransomware attacks.

According to cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs, the hackers targeted Florida-based IT company Kaseya and carried out the attack through corporate networks that use the company's software, the BBC reported.

Simultaneous ransomware attacks on more than 200 businesses in the United States

"This is an investigation into a possible attack," Kaseya said in a statement on his website.

Huntress Labs believes that this is a Russian-linked ransomware gang.

The hackers replaced a tool called VSA in the Cassia device that is used by companies managing technology in small businesses. They then encrypted the clients' files of those providers simultaneously, Reuters noted.

 It was tracking eight managed service providers that were used to infect about 200 customers. Security firm Huntress Labs said.

Kaseya's products are used by IT professionals to manage servers, desktops, network devices, and printers.

It shut down some of its infrastructure in the north and urged customers to shut down their servers immediately.

"This is a huge and destructive supply chain attack," said John Hammond, a senior security researcher at Huntress, in an email referring to the increasingly high-profile hacker technology that hijacks a piece of software to compromise hundreds or thousands of users.

The federal agency, the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Agency, said in a statement that it was taking action to address the attack.

The cyberattack came as companies across the United States shut down Independence Day for a long year.

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