Cool ways to earn money from Facebook

 How to earn money from Facebook in 023? Or how to earn money from the Facebook page? Or how to earn money from Facebook Group?

Are you also looking for new ways to earn money from FB online, then today you have come to the right place. Because in today's article I have told about a new way to earn money from Facebook. By following this you can easily earn money from social media.

So let's know, how to earn money from Facebook? (7 cool ways to earn money from Facebook - फेसबुकबाट पैसा कमाउने 7 राम्रा तरिकाहरू)

फेसबुकबाट पैसा कमाउने 7 राम्रा तरिकाहरू

7 easy ways to earn money from Facebook

Friends, below I have told 7 easy ways to earn money from Facebook, which you can follow. So let's know.

(1). earn money from the Facebook page

How to earn money from a Facebook page in 2023?

So the Facebook page is the easiest and oldest way to earn money on Facebook. For this, you must have a good, quality, and active page with more likes. You can read this article to increase likes, and how to increase likes on Facebook.

If you have a page as mentioned above, then you can earn good money from Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, and Services on your Facebook.

Many people have funny pages, then the question comes to them, how do we earn money from the Facebook page? So you can earn good money by promoting the page other than sponsorship i.e. promotion.

Cool ways to earn money from Facebook

If you are a content creator and publish content on your page in video content or other formats, then Facebook has launched new ways for you to earn money, about which information is given below.

In-stream Ads

If you publish videos on your Facebook page, then you can earn money from Facebook like YouTube. But for this, you have to follow their policy.

After which Facebook will automatically show AIDS on your video and in return you will get money. Just as there are CPC and rpm on youtube, on Facebook you will earn according to the view and according to the advertiser.

Fans Subscription

Fans Subscription is also a new way to earn money from your Facebook, under this, if your audience likes your page, likes your content, then you can launch a subscription for premium content from them, after which you can start your Monthly or recurring payments can be taken from the Facebook page.

You can know your Fan's Subscription user by special badge and you can also give them exclusive content and discounts as a reward from time to time.

Branded Content

If you have a popular Facebook page, then you will definitely come for brand promotion, but Facebook has launched a new tool called Brand Collabs Manager so that both you and the brand can easily find each other and connect. . You can also earn good revenue from your Facebook page with the help of Branded Content Tool.

Note: To know more about the ways I have mentioned above to earn money from the Facebook page, you can visit Facebook For Business Page for more information about their policy and criteria.

(2). earn money from Facebook group

You can also earn money from a Facebook Group like the Facebook page. But in this, you get more advantages than the Facebook page that you can connect with your users, you can communicate with them.

To earn money from the Facebook group, it is very important to be a member of your Facebook group, apart from this your members should be active in the group. Only then can you get the most out of your Facebook group.

Apart from this, if your Facebook group is active and you are not able to give much time, then you can also earn from Facebook by selling it. Apart from this, you can earn good money by doing Sponsorship, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and Reselling in your group.

Apart from this, you can create your own premium group where there will be only those people who pay you. But for this, you have to create your audience in advance. But it is a bit difficult for you to manage this.

Apart from this, recently Facebook has launched a new feature for the monetization of Group Admin, which is named Subscription Group.

Information about the subscription group

Now people who will have a group with good members, in which the admin gives good value to the members of his group, then this feature is special for them. Under this feature, you can now create a Subscription Group, to join which your user will have to pay or you will have to buy their subscription.

So this is a new monetization method of Facebook so that Group Admin Creator can get financial help, and empower themselves.

To use the Subscription Group Feature, certain eligibility criteria have to be fulfilled such as:

  • You must be the admin of the group
  • Your group must be from Facebook's Eligible Country
  • Must follow Facebook's Community Standards.
  • Must follow content monetization policy.
  • Must be original content.
  • Apart from this, you can read Facebook's policy for more information.
Cool ways to earn money from Facebook

(3). Make money with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a type of digital marketplace, where you can list your product by following just a few steps and earn money from Facebook by selling on Facebook Marketplace in your local area or anywhere online.

If you have a shop or a wholesaler, then use Facebook not just for fun but for your business. List your product here. If your product is good, the price is also low, then there will be many people who will buy your product from this and will continue to buy from you.

(4). earn money by selling courses on Facebook

If you visit Facebook today, then at some point you must have seen the AIDS of Byjus or unacademy. So many people like this convert their skills into a course and earn money by selling them online on Facebook.

You can also create your own courses and sell them on Facebook. For this, first, you create your own Facebook page as well as create a group. Start paying value here. When your audience is created, launch your course.

Here you can launch any course like yoga, sports, education, or any new skill that people want to learn.

(5). Make Money With Facebook Audience Network

If you are an App Developer then when the method is for you. Just like you monetize your app from Google Admob by publishing your app on Google Play Store, similarly you can monetize your app from Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook Audience Network is also a new tool from Facebook, specially designed for app developers and publishers. You can also earn good money from Facebook by monetizing your app with Facebook Audience Network.

(6). Earn Money By Selling Services

If you are a master in any skill, or if you provide online service, then Facebook is the best platform for you. Here you can connect with people who need your service and you can give your service to those people.

Like you provide a finance-related service. In such a situation, you should do such groups and pages on Facebook which are related to finance. Help the people in the group. By doing this you will have a good connection with the people. Later you can sell the services to the same people by telling them about your service.

Apart from this, you can also earn by creating your Facebook page and group. To earn from a Facebook page and group, follow the above-mentioned method.

(7). Facebook Ads

In this method, first, you have to invest some money. So far, all the methods I have mentioned above were mostly free. If you are providing a service, selling a course or you have a business, in which you want to reach your target user quickly, you want to promote them, then you can do their Facebook Advertisement (FB Ads) in less time with the help of them. You can do more promotions as soon as possible. But for this, according to the number of ads you want to run, you will have to pay Facebook.

To run advertising on Facebook, you must have a Facebook business page. Only after that, you can run Ads.

With the help of Facebook Ads, you can promote your business, service as well as affiliate marketing or your local area shop in your local area.

But before running Facebook Ads, you have to “How to run ads on Facebook?” Must learn about it. Only after that, you will get good returns, otherwise, you may incur losses.

Cool ways to earn money from Facebook

Questions (FAQs) related to how to earn money from Facebook

Q1. Can we make money from Facebook?
Yes, you can earn money from Facebook too not in one way but in many ways.

Q2. How can I make money from my Facebook page?
There are many ways you can adopt to earn money from the Facebook page. for example:-

selling digital content
By sending traffic to affiliate marketing sites
By promoting the product with attractive offers
You can sell services by growing your Facebook page.
selling Facebook page

Q3. Does Facebook pay for likes and shares?
No, Facebook does not pay any kind for likes and shares. Some people spread such lies and rumors to get their page liked and shared by others. So that his page can become popular as soon as possible and he can earn money from Facebook.

How To Make Money With Final Thought On Facebook?
So, friends, I hope that how to earn money from Facebook? You must have found the article helpful and all your questions related to earning money from Facebook have been answered.

In this article, I have told you easy ways to earn money from Facebook, so if you have any questions regarding this article, then you must tell me in the comment box below.

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