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 If you are in the securities market, then you must have heard this term at least once. But then again if you are a layman, then you must be wondering what does Demat means? What is a Demat Account? This blog will give you a brief explanation of what a Demat account is and how you can utilize it in your trading

What do Demat means?

Demat is a word you will hear a lot when it comes to investing in Nepal and India. While there is a lot of talk around Demat accounts and Demat shares, there isn't a lot of clarity on what Demat actually means. This blog will attempt to answer the question of what Demat means and how it is used.

It's a common phrase used in the trading world everywhere in India and Nepal. But when you are new to it and trying to learn it you must be wondering what does Demat means. I have seen many people asking this question online and most of the answers are incomplete and incoherent. I was also in the same situation when I was starting out. I thought I would share my knowledge on this topic so that it can benefit others.

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Demat Account means a dematerialized portfolio of securities. It is an account opened with a depository participant (DP), where a security holder holds all securities in electronic form. This electronic form of holding securities is also known as Dematerialisation. It is a system by which physical stock certificates are not issued to security-holders, but rather, the holdings are maintained in the DP account.

Which bank is best for a demat account?

When it comes to demat accounts, you have a lot of options. But which of these options is best for you? Do you go for a big bank or a small bank? What about a private bank? A co-operative bank? Do you need to have a physical presence at the bank or can you easily open an account online?

 What are the fees involved? Do they charge anything at all? Most of these questions are quite difficult to answer because you need to gather the information from different sources, collate it, and then compare it to see which bank is best for you. This is why we are giving you this information. You can use this information to help you in the selection of a bank for your demat account.

Can I have 2 demat accounts?

You can open multiple Demat accounts, so long as the accounts are opened with different Depository Participants (DP). You cannot open more than one Demat account with the same DP.

Is the Demat account safe?

A demat account is safe because it is a Dematerialized Account. Dematerialization of securities is a process in which physical securities are replaced with standardized book entries. Dematerialization of securities is a concept that is not new. The process of dematerialization gradually began in the USA in the early seventies. In the late eighties and early nineties, the process of dematerialization of securities picked up the pace and it was the turn of European stock exchanges to follow suit. 

The process of dematerialization of shares of different companies and the issue of Dematerialized Securities accounts (DSA) have been in vogue in India for a long time. Dematerialized accounts are safe as the securities held in them are dematerialized.

Dematerialization is a process of delivery of securities by book-entry only instead of physical delivery of securities certificates. Dematerialization serves to protect the environment by reducing the amount of paper used to issue and record the ownership of securities.

 The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is the largest securities depository in the United States. It is a limited-purpose trust company, owned by its participating banks and other financial institutions, which provides central recordkeeping and related services to its participants.

can I open a free demat account?

It depends upon the Bank law, some may charge the fee and some may not. There are many benefits to opening a free online demat account. We hope that this blog has enabled you to understand how you can open a free demat account and how you can use it to trade online stocks and shares. If you want to know more about opening an online demat account, click below... 

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